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Giovanna Amvrosiatos

Meet Giovanna, 23 year old Greek-American living in NYC. A lover for the art of dance since she was 2. She attended Frank Sinatra High school of the Arts as a Dance Major and trained/studied professionally in ballet and modern dance for 4 years. At 20, Giovanna was the youngest and only female top 5 finalist selected amongst thousands in Zumba’s Next Rising Presenter Competition.

She now travels around the world and teaches Zumba classes as an International Zumba Presenter. She inspires and helps others release stress accumulated from daily life through dance. With a history of ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance training, it was only when she found Zumba that she realized that it's not about being perfect or being the best dancer, but about the joy and the love you feel when you’re dancing. G

iovanna shares her love for dance and therapeutic abilities through movement to help provide better health,both mentally and physically to all. 

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