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Michele Tabaroki

Michele's lifelong dedication to  dance started at the age of 8, where she started her  journey with  ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, Latin, and Middle Eastern Dance.


In 1998, Michele began teaching and sharing her love for Middle Eastern Dance in Toronto as a hobby.  After her graduation from University of Toronto, Michele joined her family business as the marketing and public relations manager. These skills were the basis for her dive into the business world of dance and fitness. After her move to New York following marriage and a change in location, Michele took a break from teaching to focus on raising her three wonderful kids.

Then, in 2006, just a few months after welcoming her third child, Michele felt the pull back to teaching. Her journey as an instructor shifted from being something she enjoyed on the side to becoming a central and passionate part of her life. 


In 2009, Michele decided to fuse her love for dance with fitness, becoming a licensed Zumba® instructor. She discovered another calling – inspiring kids to stay active and healthy. Her approach? Learning through movement and most importantly, having a ton of fun while doing it. Confidence-building comes naturally to her as she encourages kids to embrace their uniqueness.

In 2014, Michele's lifelong dream came true – she opened her dance and fitness studio. ConfiDanZe has become “A Home Away From Home” steadily flourishing and fostering amazing connections.

Click here to visit my Zumba® website!

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