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Desiree Durand


My passion for personal and health fitness has always been high.  I love to work out and decided to share my passion and excitement with everyone else!  In 2011, I became a licensed Zumba and Zumba Gold instructor.  The moment the music starts playing, the party begins in my class.  My enthusiasm, choreography and playlist will make you forget you are excercising.  The best feeling is when I watch my students enjoying my class and knowing they are all taking a step in living a better and healthier life.  In addition to being a licensed Zumba instructor, I am also certified in ACE Group Fitness, PiYo Strength and TurboKick.  I teach other calsses such as Cardio Dance, Sculpting, Definitions and Butt and Gut classes.  I am excited to bring Cardio Dance to ConfiDanZe.  My goal is to help people fee good about themselves.

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