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Natali Nassimian


My passion for dance originated at a young age. From dancing front and center as a young girl at parties, to making up dances in my living room, it was one of my favorite things to do. And yet somehow that never translated into athleticism until a bit later in life. 

I rekindled my love for dance when I discovered Zumba. Throughout college, I was regularly attending classes, reaping all the great benefits of a Zumba regiment. My friends knew that between 7 and 8 PM, I was unavailable! After graduating from college, I became a Physical Education Teacher, combining my love for children with my newfound appreciation for fitness and health. I attribute a lot of that with the profound impact that Zumba has had on my life.

In 2015,  I became a licensed Zumba instructor and my love for Zumba has only grown since then! I am currently licensed in both Basic and Zumba Kids and Kids Jr. I try to impart the same happiness I derived as a student into each and every one of my classes, using a mix of Latin, Radio Hits, and even some Middle Eastern songs.  I am the forever student, always looking to learn more whether it be a new dance from another instructor, or researching new artists for new music to add to my playlist. I look forward to working with you to reach your fitness goals in the best way possible: DANCE!

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