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Ashley Baratian


Though I cannot say that I have been dancing all my life like some of the other Zumba instructors out there, I can say that when I get on the dance floor it feels as though I have been dancing for decades.  After my first Zumba class two years ago, I was immediately hooked and was inspired to become just as good as my predecessors who trained me.  Shortly after my first class, I took a huge leap and decided to get licensed to teach.  My passion for teaching doesn't only come for the need to help encourage fitness but it also comes from drive to help my students feel confident and vivacious.  Learning, training and teaching at Zumbrazil has taught me one huge lesson I will never forget. The lesson is as follows: when you give off good energy you will in turn feed off the positive energy that has bounced back to you. I am so blessed for my supportive fitness and dance family and love every single person that is a part of the ConfiDanZe/Zumbrazil crew.  Now let's get up and get dancin'!

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